Living Vegan

Once you agree with the idea that animals are not commodities, that they do not belong to humans and that this means you must go vegan – and start living vegan – you will probably feel overwhelmed. Most of us have been taught to normalize animal use in such an efficient way that we never even questioned it and ended up seeing it as normal as breathing. The commodification of animals is so pervasive you might be thinking it must be very difficult to avoid it. However, this is far from reality; being vegan is very easy.

Veganism means rejecting the idea that animals are commodities / resources for humans, so a vegan does not eat, wear or use animals in any way. Therefore, we avoid the direct exploitation of animals.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the different forms of animal use and how to avoid them:

VEGAN Nutrition

Vegans do not consume any products from animal origin. Eating a vegan diet is healthy and easy.


Learn what animal products can be found in clothing, jewellery and other fashion complements.


Information on household cleaning products, toiletries, cosmetics and other personal care products.


Zoos, aquariums, riding horses, and other activities involve the exploitation of animals.


We must stop breeding animals to be used as commodities for human pleasure. Adopt, never shop.


Choose non-animal medicines when possible. Have a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself!


A small buying guide on vegan products as recommended by Ethical Vegan Education.