Animal rights starts with your veganism!

Veganism is an ethical position that rejects all forms of animal use.

If we believe animals are not things, then we must stop using and exploiting them as such. Animal rights mean literally nothing if we claim it is ok to kill animals and use them as commodities. Respecting animals requires us to stop participating in their commodification by going vegan: by not eating, wearing or using them.

Going vegan is not only the right thing to do for the animals, but it is also very easy.


Animals are not ours to use. We share this planet with them and they deserve to be left alone.


Living vegan is easier than many people think. Plenty of information is here to help you become vegan.


Animals do not live for us. We must advocate for the end of all animal use, and not better treatment.


Frequently asked questions about veganism and animal rights.


Ethical Vegan Education is a website whose purpose is to share free information about veganism and to help people to go vegan. On its different sections you will find all the theory and practical information you need to understand the basis of the theory of animal rights and why animal rights means embracing veganism in our individual lives.

Ethical Vegan Education is not linked to any animal groups or organisations and is not a group or organisation itself. It does not accept donations. The most important thing you can and must do for the animals is live vegan, stay vegan and promote veganism through non-violent vegan education.

We strongly believe non-violent vegan education is the only way to abolish the use and commodification of animals. Our education must be non-violent, respectful, honest, clear, and non-speciesist. Our means must be consistent with our ends.

If you are not vegan, please go vegan today. Veganism is not the maximum thing one can do for the animals: it is the very minimum. Not killing and not exploiting animals is the very minimum we owe them.

Please visit Why Vegan and Living Vegan in order to get started.